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Droneworx NZ - Our Sister Company

Drone Worx NZ

Dave and the Install IT team are truly passionate about all things audiovisual and are embracing the new wave of interest in aerial drone photography and videography. 

Based in Whangarei, New Zealand, Dave has been the heart of your digital television installations through his company Install IT for the past 10 years and has expanded to offer his drone photography and videography services to reach further into our community and help as many as he can.

Dave will handle your project from start to finish, after initial ideas are agreed upon, he will plan the safety and logistical elements of the job before piloting the remotely piloted aircraft system (RPAS - drone) on the day of filming. David will then edit your footage to create an effective video for your specific needs. David has been operating a reputable technology based installation business within Whangarei for nearly 10 years and prides himself on a quality products & services that deliver the desired results.

Drone Worx NZ provides aerial video and photography solutions for a multitude of different client requirements. So far we have been involved with weddings, resort and camp site promotion, parkour teams (free running athletes), real estate photography, local area promotion, and events including the Easter steam engines show. But there is room for much much more. Drones allow a unique perspective on capturing the required event on camera. We currently utilise two platforms plus a host of ground-based camera systems to achieve the desired effect and great results that our clients are proud to show to the world.

The Drone

For all our drone footage, We use our DJI Phantom 4 Pro with a one inch CMOS sensor which means it is able to capture more dynamic range in your videos and photos. For land-based video, we use a 3-axis, gimbal stabilised DJI OSMO ground based camera for capturing those special moments up close with a buttery smooth finish.

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