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May 2018 Highlights

During May 2018, our work highlights have included:

  • A job in Onerahi in which the aerial had blown off into a neighbour’s property

  • Setting a caravan up with a Winegard satellite dish

  • Installed thin ‘credit card’ decoders behind TVs which don’t have satellite TV built in (this is the art of concealing a Freeview box on a UHF TV)

  • Completed a multi-television installation of four TVs and two surround sound systems in Maunu

  • Removed a rusty satellite dish from a bach in Whangaruru and replaced it with a Triax coastal-approved unit

  • Installed a TV wall bracket in a bedroom to maximise space

  • Installed Google Chromecast to turn an ordinary TV into a smart TV

  • A dog had bitten through a cable and we were needed to re-connect the cable.

  • Copied a client’s Sky TV signal into a bedroom.

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